gives suppleness to integrate the edge cutting style in any structure. We believe in creating spaces that are stylish, comfortable and enjoyable for all who use them. Our ethos is creating bespoke spaces with an edge of personality. We comprehend that each job is exceptional in size and price and thus entail an individual approach. Black Ink practices a simultaneous design creed and cutting-edge digital expertise, and that determines our creative process. Leading in creation, we combine methodical experience with unparallel inventiveness to create high-class design solutions. We have the suppleness and strive for solutions that integrate sustainable design stratagems.

We aim for spaces that are prolific, striking, charming and functional. Our work on


is based on well-versed use of technology, constituents with cognizance of milieu. Our projects give us a room to fulfill our love for design, and to style a worthwhile influence on humanity. Each prospect helps us sight see new concepts, design and build novel architecture. We love to brand active use of space, lights and resources. We believe in structuring and designing building that lifts the spirit and has some lucidity in it.


interior design

is based largely on the sustainability using unreceptive means by bearing in mind the form of the building, alignment, location, construction, landscape and how it can impact the environment within. Our unified support and specialism permit us to design strategies of constructions that can augment their performance over the passé of time and thus fashioning a better asset for both the handlers and the clients.

We pay attention to our clients, construe the brief judiciously and stay affianced for the whole expedition. We make sure accurate things are done at the exact place and perfect time. Exceptional architecture is the artefact of great design and eons of practice. Values come from the planned process of communication and discourse to grow brief over a repetitive process, and to respond to feedback.

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Black Ink is the multidisciplinary and reputed architect firm rooted in Surat and driven by passion. We are the one-stop solution for architecture, interior and landscape works which runs a wide gamut of designs. Primed by Sanjay Josshi since…

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