Black Ink is a firm working on

landscape planning

, architecture and historic


. While planning for


it is imperative to integrate that inimitable twist in the strategy for the bliss of folks visiting the schemes. Our work draws borders with a meticulous palette of materials, fashioning previous boundaries that haze the line amid the natural and erected environment. Designs we produce are grounded on our methodology.

Landscape architecture

is a vital facet of designing and our years of practice and in-depth knowledge has helped us gain a grip over it.

We look forward to seeing that landform of each space is carefully moulded to feel placidly stranded in context and contented at all times- whether busy in crowds or offering jiffies of contemplation. We believe in forming effortless sceneries that are rooted in the energetic needs of the sites and its users. Black Ink is a multi-disciplinary architect firm that emphases in

landscape architecture

and urban development. We take care of the local location by judiciously electing the tools and materials meanwhile honouring the tempos of nature, ethos as well as the community.

We grow pioneering


for a range of project types. Our team of

landscape designers

develop advantageous, eloquent, and long-lasting spaces that retort to scale and context. Design is something that should be esteemed as one of the important factors in sustainability. We create an emotional connection to a place by permeating it with charisma, reminiscence, individuality, location and eccentricity. What we do must be worthy of the future cohort. We, at Black Ink, can handle projects without slowing down at all.

We create a place through neat observation, creative interpretation and wonderful construction. Our design combines knowledge of past and custom with fluency in the modern-day


. We make up-to-the-minute use of technology and novelty to master the construction.

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Black Ink is the multidisciplinary and reputed architect firm rooted in Surat and driven by passion. We are the one-stop solution for architecture, interior and landscape works which runs a wide gamut of designs. Primed by Sanjay Josshi since…

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